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The facilities and amenities surely bring added advantage to any residential condominium or housing community.  Whatever is offered will bring fun and happy times plus convenience. Who doesn’t want all that?  Simply put, amenities are useful and desirable so it will always be welcomed by anyone.  

First of all, you will feel safe and secure here because there is 24/4 monitoring with the presence of security cameras around. There are three passenger elevators. Emergency power supply as well as fire alarm systems are on hand. Lobby has a friendly reception staff to welcome guests and entertain walk-in visitors.  There is also a building administration and security office. Another important building feature is the availability of maintenance and housekeeping services. 

PENHURST PARKPLACE has an inner small garden for lounging, relaxation and meditation. Surely, this sanctuary will calm all your senses. When you feel stressed or burned-out from work, school, business or any activities – feel free to stay here and just breathe it out. There’s a place and time to unwind and de-stress and this property is one way to answer all those worries. 

For both the young ones and not-so-young ones, there is a covered lap swimming pool where they can enjoy everyday, especially at summertime.  You can organize swimming parties with family, friends and relatives and enjoy basking in the sun or just lounging around with dear ones. Catch-up on each other’s lives and build new and priceless memories. Parents need not worry as kids have their own kiddie pool. Pool has shower and changing facilities, including a gazebo and a paved sunbathing deck.  Indeed, fun and exciting times are ahead for you. 

Residents also need not go to places far away from their home just to meet-up and socialize with friends. There are available recreational areas and multi-purpose function rooms which you can use for gatherings or celebrations of milestones and special occasions like birthdays, baptismal showers, graduations, bridal showers, promotions or just catching-up with each other. Organize videoke sessions or some mini-programs just to keep everyone on their toes. 

For those people on the go, there’s a gym where you can do daily work-outs. A game room is also reserved for those who continually spend their leisure time  playing different games. There are also jogging paths for the fitness enthusiasts who can do their morning or evening walks along the neighborhood. 

Along with the landscaped gardens, the ground level of this property has commercial spaces that are dedicated to all your conveniences like a salon, laundry shop, flower shop and convenience store. 

Clearly, these amenities and features that PENHURST PARKPLACE offers are first-class and can provide the enjoyment and convenience that anyone is looking for.

  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24-hour Security
  • Function Rooms
  • Small Pets Allowed
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